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Chocolate Mustache Candy Mold

I was flipping ever-so-slowly through my new Food Network Magazine on Saturday when I saw an advertisement for Chocolate Mustaches on Sticks.

While the simple fact that it’s a chocolate mustache on a stick might give one pause, I stopped because, well, I love mustaches on sticks. I think they’re the bee’s knees, the apple of my eye, the most awesome piece of awesomeness since the invention of awesome. Why? Because I may or may not have a few wedding pictures out there that contain mustaches on sticks. And because they’re just hilarious.

The fact that Nibbee Chocolate Company sells these little buggers is just too fantastic. They’re not too unreasonably priced either – $1.99 each. Still, I felt like I would need more than just one. I have so many people who could – and should – benefit from a chocolate mustache on a stick. The names that come to mind are too many to be listed, but suffice to say that I feel everyone I know needs to have their own little piece of chocolate facial hair.

What, then, is a girl to do on a shoestring budget?

She’s to make her own, of course.

Enter the idea of Google Searching “Chocolate Mustache Molds.” Now insert the happy dance when I not only found one (HOORAY!) but found that it was priced just as cheaply at one pre-made mustache (HOORAH!) I’m buying it now.

Really. Right now.

Done. It’s bought. I have officially bought a chocolate mustache mold. I might be the coolest person I know. Okaaaaay. Not really.

I am the only person I know that owns this particular candy mold, though. Woot!


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Nothing to Do

I am in the midst of a full-blown ode to the awesomeness of finishing all of your household chores in one day. Today, I quite literally get to spend the entire day sitting on my couch and watching movies. The entire day.

I have not done this since….well, probably since the summer. Granted, this is my first week of vacation in what will be four weeks of vacation in the span of two months, but I’m wise enough to know that I won’t be spending all that much time lazing around the house. The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s a truth universally acknowledged in out household that the next four weekends are already booked solid by friends and family. To say that today is a brief respite in the middle of weeks and weeks of crazy is an understatement.

With all of that being said, I still want to fire up my mixer and make some cookies. I’m shaking my head at my own inability to fully enjoy a day on the couch without wondering what I could be doing if I wasn’t busy doing nothing. In honor of this bit of ridiculous workaholism, I have made a list of things I could be doing at this very moment.

1. Discussing the latest Harry Potter film with my sister who lives in California
2. Making whoopie pies for my husband
3. Folding the piles of laundry that have accumulated in my basement
4. Surfing the interwebs
5. Compiling a Christmas list (which has already been requested by four people in my family and it’s not even Thanksgiving)
6. Making a batch of seitan as we have gone back to being lacto-ovo vegetarians
7. Sealing the windows for the winter
8. Unpacking and sorting through my Christmas decorations
9. Attempting to find a location for the rice cooker, glass set, and KitchenAid Ice Cream attachment we received as wedding gifts
10. Sweeping because in a house with three pets and  no carpet, you have to sweep every day

Of course, I won’t be doing any of these things today. Well, almost any of them. I might make some cookies, though. And while they’re baking I’ll sit happily on the couch reading my People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue while praying that the Green Lantern doesn’t totally suck for Ryan Reynolds.

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Normal Never Looked So Good

There have been days in the course of the last few months when I felt as if my life wasn’t mine at all. My life, the life that I like to think of in terms of some sense of normalcy, had been taken over by the wedding life which is much, much different. The wedding life is one in which you leave work to go home and work. It’s the type of life where you wake up in a cold sweat and wonder whether or not you remembered to write down the confirmation number for the tables and chairs you ordered from the party rental company. It is the life that, when it finally comes to a close, reminds you of why you love your life so much.

I love the quiet monotony of my life. Or, perhaps not monotony, but the predictability of it. I like knowing that I have 3 – 4 work-related programs a week, but usually only one of them will take place after 5pm. I like to know that the weekend holds two free days, one of which may be taken up by family obligations. I enjoy the notion that I will leave my desk between 5 – 5:30pm and head to the gym for a group class or to the park for a run. I appreciate knowing that my dinner will be served when I’ve finished cooking it.

Where some may look and see certainty and boring, I see comfort and happiness. I am not a fan of drive-thru dinners or microwaved lunches. I prefer to grocery shop at my own pace, not one dictated by invitation folding or envelope sealing. I enjoy nothing better than sitting on my couch in my jammies at 7pm on Saturday reading an embarrassingly thick novel with the fragrance of multiple scented candles and baking cookies filling the air and a Scottish terrier curled up on my feet.

I’m really not complaining. My wedding was beautiful. My reception was perfect. I am married to a man who makes my heart dance on a regular basis, and who is so much more than I ever expected to deserve.

But now? Now, I am ready for my life to be mine again. Mine and his. His and mine.


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